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10-29-03, 02:59 PM
Hi gang,

I have an MSI 645 Ultra board.
MSI's web says the P-4 Northwood 2.26B(533FSB) is not supported.
However, I have read some reviews of the board and some claim to have used that chip in this board.

Is it possible?
I do have a NW P-4 2.26 ready to go if this board can run it.
I also have some good PC 2700 to go with it.

Anyone know for sure?

I'd be very thankfull.


10-29-03, 03:23 PM
Do you have the latest BIOS for your board? If not, it would probably be a good idea to update as newer codes have support for recent processors. I would think the SiS 645 would support Northwood-B processors. If you have the CPU handy, just pop it in (after flashing of course) and start up your machine. If it recognizes you're golden, if not then put the old CPU back in no harm no foul.

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10-29-03, 05:29 PM
Thanks saturnotaku,

Yea I will end up trying it no doubt.
I just wanted a definete "yes" or "no" from other users who have tried or heard about the P-4 2.26B in the SIS 645 Ultra.
Save me some uncertainty.

But, I guess thats the fun.
I'm excited to try it out.