View Full Version : High temps with SLK-800 + AS5

10-31-03, 10:18 PM
I just installed my new AMD XP 2400+ in my Epox 8K7A mobo. I applied the Arctic Silver 5 and put on the Thermalright SLK-800A. After running the computer for a couple of hours, I noticed that at boot my CPU temp is read at 52 C. Isn't that a bit too high for the components that I'm using?

11-01-03, 08:16 AM
I think sometimes it is the luck of the draw. I too am cursed with high temps.
I have a swiftech mcw8000 waterblock, and I still have high temps. I do not have too much artic silver though I barely have any on, and yes I have tried with all different amounts. I am overclocked a bit, but at stock I run a 50 C, I have been at a loss to explain what is happening. My processor has this purply blue stuff that came on the core I and think maybe it is some coating that is too thick, but I don't want to bust out some sand paper and destroy it. The water in my setup gets warm but never hot something is funky for sure. My motherboard temp reads 32C. I have asked if anyone else has this issue and it seems to be me only ah well.

11-01-03, 11:27 AM
Well, I made an error, in that I forgot to power up my exhaust fan last night. When I connected the fan, and let my PC warm up to normal temps, my idle was/is around 46C for CPU and 34C for case. That's a delta of 12C. Does that look okay?

11-09-03, 05:48 PM
I think the athlons above 2000, run hot.

The tbred cores run cooler of course.

I went from an Athlon 1500 (palamino) to an Athlon 1700(tbred core), and my temps dropped about 5-7c.

I also used some good 'artic silver like' compound.

Also, dont put it on thick. Too much will have a negative effect.
I would say, a small amount, rubbed on, and leveled out with a rubber glove.(dont use your finger-'oils')

You will know that the coating is thick enough, when the metal surface starts to become faded.
Best thing to do is visit an Amd board, and find some links to some good tutorials on this. This is very important, dont let no one kid you.

About my system:
I run a thermaltek 5000 rpm hsf, with copper base, and it does good.

Idle: 41c/35c
3d gaming: 41c/40c

Another thing to check, if your power supply has 2 fans, check to make sure the bottom fan is not blowing air into the case. Oddly enough, from the factory, my 350 watt ps's bottom fan, that is suppose to pull air from the cpu area, blew 'ps hot air' onto it :rolleyes:

Another thing, a pci slot fan 'near' (not next to), the video card, while it is under heavy load, will help dissapate the incredible heat the video card produces. (off load, the pci slot fan does nothing spectacular obviously)

Hope this helps some.

EDIT: Be careful with mobos and electronic boards. Always use a wrist strape, and ground it to the case. Even a small amount of static electricity, can damage the board, and sometimes, the effects wont be seen for months.