View Full Version : Logitech Cordless Access Duo Optical Keyboard Keys Problem!!

11-02-03, 01:04 AM
Hey people, i have a logitech cordless mouse and keyboard and the problem i got is the advanced keys like email, webcam, F lock, mute, volume up and down are all something else like different, EG F LOCK is meant to stop the advanced features on the F keys, but instead its volume up, im fearing i have a wirering isssue like with the actual keyboard, ive tried different batteries, etc the mouse is fine but the keyboards keys (only the advanced ones) arnt wat they are meant to be..the config thingy says there correct, eg email is configured to outlook express, but the volume up opens outlook and email skips to the next song in winamp!!, ive tried swapping to different channels 1 and or 2 but i cant seem to get the keyboard on 1 only on 2 and the mouse can get on 1 and 2 but keyboard is stuck on channel 2 , is that a problem ? i can type easy, every other key works! i mean the media button is the F LOCK button!! i cant change it ? is it a wireing issue and the keyboards stuffed! i can open my computer with F9 like it should, my docvuments with F10 and my pictures with F11 all fine!! i have the drivers installed, ive tried uninstalling the drivers, theres only 1 set of drivers for this logitech kb and mouse, tried removing the application etc but with or without it the keys at the top arnt wat they are meant to be....can anyone pleaaasse help me!! i have a 3 year warrenty i got it today, i payed 129.95 australian dollars for it... anyone ?



11-02-03, 01:15 AM
Maybe keyboard is refurbished and technician messed up on wireing :p

try to RMA it for replacement if you can.

Personaly don't have wireless keyboard or mouse , don't trust them :p

11-02-03, 10:30 AM
You can always call logitech for support and see what they say. It sounds like it's screwed up to me though.

11-02-03, 06:11 PM
thanx guys for the help, so i took it back to the shop (harvey norman) and they tested another one and it worked, it must of been wired wrong, im happy now this keyboard rocks!