View Full Version : is this motherboard any good Aopen AK79G-1394 or thinking of a BIOSTAR M7NCD ?

11-02-03, 12:55 PM
Im thinking getting a Aopen AK79G-1394 nForce 2 based motherboard as its within my price range for one with the MCP-T chipset and save me buying a sound card if i got one of the cheaper Nforce 2 boards with the basic onboard sound that uses the cpu performance.
I can get one for about 69.99 and im on a tight budget of 75 max
thats for motherboard and soundcard if i get a Nforce 2 with just the MCP southbridge, as i need to save up for a graphics card too soon ready for when UT 2004 and Half life 2 released.

First im not 1 for overclocking so overclocking possibilitys its something im not looking for.
main thing is , its good performer, stable and will run my games and hardware ive got at moment.

Ive read about 4 reviews and all said its stable and perform's as good as the epox boards and MSI ones.

Ive only got a Athlon xp 1700 at mo and only looking at a Barton Athlon xp 333fsb in furture as whats point in a 400fsb barton if ive got to spend to get 400mhz memory too to go with it and also next year Athlon 64Bit Processors and Motherboards will have come down in price for when i look at upgrading again.

SO this board is like a replacement for my ASUS A7N266-VM 220-D and ive seen someone who got a nforce 2 board and in dual memory mode it's fast
but they using onboard sound and i like to use Soundstorm as its very good compared to the Audigy soundcard that costs about 50


Thinking of a BIOSTAR M7NCD as i can get 1 of them for about 37 :) or the Pro version for 47

Which is best of the 2 ?

The Baron
11-02-03, 01:02 PM
I would take nF2 over any chipset out there right now. Really. I would. I like Soundstorm that much, I like the performance that much.