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09-20-02, 01:35 PM
Hey guys...A co-worker of mine has stumped me with a very bizarre problem...

He just built a new system:

AMD 2100+
Asus A7V333
Corsair XMS DDR

He installed Windows2000 and had everything working great....that is, except for the netword card. Anytime he tried to install the drivers, it would kick out and the driver screen would give the error message "bad data"....

He has since tried the following:

1) Tried moving the NIC to various PCI slots and looked for IRQ-conflicts

2) Tried Netgear, D-Link, and 3Com NICs.....no luck..same problem with each

3) Installed SP3 with no luck

I have no clue what's going on here.....anyone have any ideas?
Thanks ahead of time...


09-23-02, 02:28 PM
You guys let me down! :p

A guy over at the AMD MB forums gave me this solution and it worked like a charm:

I kept getting this error installing my adaptec 2940UW card and after days of combing the web I found this post about how to fix it. too bad the MS knowledge base is not this helpful. They suggested a full re-install

hope this saves some time for someone

Why do I get a "data is invalid" error when installing a driver in WindowsXP or 2000?

This error appears to be due to a protection problem in the Windows registry and can occur with a variety of drivers (sound cards and SCSI drivers have been reported). To fix this problem, go to Start, Run... and type "regedt32" without the quotes to run the Registry Editor. Navigate to


and you will see a number of keys of the form "VEN_xxxx", where xxxx are strings like "1102&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00011103&REV_04". Under each of these folders will be another folder with a long numerical name. Open each folder and look for the "DeviceDesc" which matches the hardware you are trying to install. Right Click on the "VEN_xxxx" for that device and select 'Permissions' and then tick "Allow" for "Full Control". Close Regedit and then continue with the installation of your device.


druga runda
09-24-02, 07:33 AM

I'll keep that in my mind somewhere ... glad I haven't run into this problem yet.


09-24-02, 04:02 PM
Good Info..I haven't had this problem either..

09-24-02, 04:17 PM
That info is so good, in fact, I'm going to stick this thread for a bit. 'Cause you never know when someone may need it. ;)

10-11-02, 12:42 PM
There is already a solution to this problem on the forums, well there was. Cos i read ti and used it.

For example:
02-18-09, 03:02 AM
Hi there,

This information on the 'data is invalid' error is still valid

I came across this error on a friend's computer running XP professional, he was trying to install a modem. It appeared to be getting all the driver files then abruptly failed, coming back with the 'data is invalid' error. This happened when we tried to install another internal PCI modem, then an external modem, then device COM1 said it wasn't properly installed either, then trying to get COM1 installed properly came back with this 'data is invalid' error too!

You can see how grateful I am to the original poster of this information. I used the fix you described, finding all the devices in the registry and adjusting their permissions--all up and running and working in 5 minutes!!! Thank you very much.

It would be interesting to know where this error comes from in the first place, but I suppose we can't have everything ...

So, just to let you know this error still occurs on Windows XP Pro SP2, but the fix still works too