View Full Version : 52.16 uninstall help needed

11-03-03, 02:35 AM
Ok heres the deal. I was disatisfied with the 52.16 drivers, and i've been using them for a week now so I decided to go back to the 43.45 drivers. I uninstalled the 52.16's. Then uninstalled my nForce 2 drivers (2.45). I only did that because I heard somewhere that the 52.16s install some new nforce 2 driver file or driver (true or not true). When I rebooted, I reinstalled my nforce 2 drivers, everything installed and worked fine as far as my mobo. Then I installed the 43.45s. Rebooted, then nothing happened. Hell my video card isn't even being detected under device manager. I tried to uninstall the driver set but its not being shown under uninstall programs. And under display properties and adapter it says "VgaSave" then under that is says "Started" with some drop down menu that says "type" and a bunch of options (system is selected among boot, automatic etc.).

So I went to uninstall the nforce2 driver, only when I do this will my display adapter be detected on boot. But now the problem is no drivers will install for it at all. When I manually try to install a driver it just gives me an error message for the adapter saying "error needed file not found in inf".


11-03-03, 09:41 AM
Hi - It has removed the DISPLAY part of your registry.

Link Removed PM me if you would like it <--- get that and install the reg then reboot and you should be able to then re-install your video drivers.