View Full Version : What kind of a game reviewer says this?

11-07-03, 04:13 AM
LOL. What kind of a game reviewer says this?

"Hey I have a saying if a game does not frustrate you, then it is not worth your time!"

In my opinion, if a game frustrates you, it is just highlighting fundamental design flaws. I have a saying too... "Games should be all play and no work!".

Here was the article, quote was from the 2nd last paragraph.

Hehehe, what will they say next?

... Maybe, I love it when I get frustrated by a game that a swear I've never play again, but then I come back and play more?
...Maybe, I love the way the game has no save points so it forces the player to be really careful and repeat until they get it right?

11-07-03, 04:42 AM
I concur. Games should make you so aroused that you will play with plants. :lol:

Let the guy have his say, if he loves dead hard games then that is his preference.

11-07-03, 06:59 AM
Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I agree with that reviewer to a certain extent. I want to be challenged, but if I have to be reloading more than a dozen times in one part of a level then that's a problem. Or if there's no/minimal save points, that's another problem.

Otherwise, unless I'm buying a game for mindless fun I need a challenge. I believe that's a fundamental part of what makes gaming so enjoyable.

11-07-03, 12:27 PM
Me personally, I don't like games that are overly tedious and frustrating. Those two qualities usually make the game unfun.

"Too easy" is usually a negtive term for games, but it doesn't have to be. If a game is made long enough, and diverse enough, even if it *isn't* considered a "Challenging game", it can still be fun. Take Deus Ex, for example. It wasn't hard by any means (in fact, it had an amazingly smart difficulty --- i.e., the player could develop their own easy solution to difficult areas) yet, it's lenght and diverse locations made it an extremely rewarding experience. Similarly, look at Outcast. While not as good a game, it was one I enjoyed (though, the story had problems). Combat took are far backseat to exploration and adventuring in it.

I tend to get either very bore, or upset at games that are too hard, and ones that become unfun because of it. Take in example the X-Com series. I like the series. I especially liked the research and base building, and I also like the combat... But after the first couple months of game time, aliens begin popping up every day, and the game justs swamps you with mission after mission, not giving you much time for the non-combative elements of the game. And I hated that. As I said, I liked the combat missions, but I didn't want to be spending all my time doing them every 3-5 minutes of actual play time.

Which is why I stopped playing Terror from the Deep..

Which is also why I stopped playing Metropolis Street Racer. In fact, MSR was so frustrating (in some stages --- especially ones where it's raining groans), that I have refused to play it ever again.

I'm not saying I dislike, or hate, games that are combat intensive or difficult (in fact, some of my favorite games are arcade action games). I just like them more if they are longer, and have more diverse levels.

That, and they must actually be fun to play.

11-07-03, 03:45 PM
Difficult games should be rewarding to complete. I remember back in the NES days, 'The Legend of Zelda" was an incredible experience. Defeating a dungeon rewarded you with a better weapon, and close searching yielded more life points, etc.

Heres a good scenario for a rewarding situation:

Take a 'medal of honor' game for instance:

Say your pinned down by heavy gunfire behind a broken wall. You need to get to a tower, but theirs such heavy fire, that you would get shredded by the enemy. So, your team mates, or AI, would have to lay down cover fire, while you treked across the firing lines and hope a sniper doesn't cap yah.

The situation would be hard, because their would be only a certain way you could get to the doorway of the tower(say bob joe needs to throw a grenade at spot A, so the enemy would be stunned for just enough time for you to trek across to the tower, and survive.)

Ok, the reward? a mounted chaingun at the top of the tower, and from high up, you have a straight line shot to the enemy cover, and you get to mow them down for the victory.

Something like that I suppose. :rolleyes:

Theirs just not enough creativity in games anymore.