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06-30-13, 07:38 AM
this is what is working and not working with windows 8.1 release preview:

-Nvidia drivers (use 326.01 multi-os, it has wddm 1.3 and it's a full install minus gf experience)
-intel MEI (you can update it to the most recent version that uses windows 8)
-intel RAID drivers (I didn't install the RST, just the most recent x64 drivers for up to win 8)
-asmedia usb 3.0 driver 1.16.4 (multi-os install up to win 8)
-realtek gigabit networking (doesn't need a update, the windows driver is may 10,2013)
-intel chipset drivers (used the latest from intel, in win 8 and 8.1 it only updates the usb 2.0 for the z77 chipset)
-Mozilla Firefox (I am actually using the nightly release)
-Creative Recon3d pci-e 1x card driver suite (the most recent that works with up to win 8)
-IObit Start Menu 8 (it works as a proper start menu like windows 7. The start menu that was added in windows 8.1 rp just puts you back at the metro screen. The most recent version of this gives you the proper start menu but can't skip the metro screen like it does it in windows 8. you have to manually go to desktop with it)
-CheatHappens game cheats (only the ones that are compatible with windows 8)
-Adobe Flash plug-in for non-IE internet browsers
-evga precision x 4.2.0
-nvidia geforce experience 1.5
-Mozilla Thunderbird (using beta 22.0)
-cfosspeed (using beta version 9.05 build 2066. It a traffic shaping program that accelerates internet speed with a technique called RWIN)
-silverlight 5.1.20125 x64 (this is important for you netflix users since they haven't changed over to html 5 yet. they are supposed to in the future. Also works with 3d vision as it came on when I watched a netflix movie)
-malwarebyes anti-rootkit beta
-kaspersky capperkiller
-emco malware destroyer
-malwarebyes anti-malware
-spybot search and destroy 2.1 (gives a error on install but it works)
-brightfort spyware blaster 5.0
-mcafee stinger x64
-kaspersky tdsskiller
-grc's unplug n pray (disables universal plug and play in windows)
-grc's dcombobulator (disables dcom for windows)

not working:
-Avast free antivirus (windows 8.1 actually pops up a compatibility error with it)
-ASUS AI suite for z77 (starts to install but can't finish the install)
-steelseries engine for mice and keyboards (same as the AI suite)
-Brother MFC printer driver suite A1 for windows 8 (crashes when trying to install, use the windows update driver)
-SoftPerfect RAMDISK (this is similar to Dataram's RAMDISK which is also branded as Radeon Ramdisk. The difference is that you can make drives any size as long as it doesn't exceed the ram you have and it's free. Softperfect's version also allows you partition in RAW and NTFS formats. Dataram only allows FAT16 and 32. Anyhow, it can't initialize it's program before you start it in win 8.1 rp)

Not sure/not going to test:
-Lucidlogix virtu mvp 1.0 (stopped using it since it interferes with 3d vision gameplay)
-intel hd 4000 gpu drivers (same reason unless my video card dies)

One thing I noticed with windows update, no update for Silverlight or bing desktop anymore. so if you want to use Silverlight, your going to have to download it from the ms download centre. will keep posting as I install with the rest of the drivers and apps I have. I also noticed that IE11 didn't get a flash update yet from windows update. Also, according to nvidia control panel, windows 8.1 release preview is still using dx11.1. Also, I am using the ISO install of windows 8 release preview. I didn't feel comfortable with updating windows 8 so I am doing a fresh install.

06-30-13, 01:10 PM
And I am stopping here. I have reinstalled my OEM copy of windows 8. Well, I stopped at Steam. Steam installs just fine and works just fine. When I went to try Metro:Last Light, there was a problem. Basically, the mouse cursor in the game menu wouldn't move. I tried two mice with it and the same result. (My steelseries mlg sensei and my brother's cooler master spawn mice). So, If I can't play a steam game or any game in general, that is the end for now until 8.1 final release comes out. And Metro: last light works just fine in windows 8.

07-11-13, 06:23 PM
This is a bit late, but thanks for testing! I had an issue with Assassins Creed 2 shortly after Win8 launch (and continuing for a while thereafter) because of UPlay. I went back to 7 until that got fixed.

07-12-13, 06:07 AM
I am going to be getting a copy of windows 7 home premium soon from my friends dad. He changed from pc to mac. The copy has only been activated once or twice, so I would be good there. The problem with windows 8 is that you can't reactivate the copy if it detects major hardware changes like motherboard for example unlike windows 7 where they send you a 25 alpha numeric key that you call in to microsoft and get a reply of same to enter to reactivate. What windows 8 does is ask you to buy a new key instead of free reactivation. And since most of us are hardware upgraders, something that all of us should know. And since Windows 8 can't be reactivated after major changes, you have to buy a new OEM copy or key since MS won't sell retail full versions either for some odd reason. They probably know that it wouldn't sell well either when common users find out that they would have to buy new copies every time their hardware friend changed hardware in their custom built pc.