View Full Version : How many fps does a fx5600 get?

11-08-03, 10:36 AM
Ok i used to have a geforce4mx 440 128mb now i have a geforce fx 5600 256mb so anyways i got a new motherboard a little while ago and u know how most of the times u have to reinstall windows xp when u do it well i just like repaired xp if u guys know what im talking about and so i didnt reformat and i think that the drivers from my old video card are still haunting me,is there any way to see or to definetly get rid of them because when i play some game in opengl about 1hr later my screen goes black and i know its my card because i didnt fromat my harddrve and i tried this card on a old 12gig drive i had and it worked fine so i think its the not reinstalling xp that did it but is there a program out there that can remove the old drivers from my old video card for sure because i did the add/remove thing and remove device so i did that but i was watching the screensavers the other day and they were talking about the "ghosts of ur old video card haunting ur new one" lol so i think thats what happening to me and also does anyone know what is the normal fps for this video card on like halo or half-life 2 supposed to be thanks

11-08-03, 01:06 PM
You know I do find it really annoying when people just make their posts one big long sentence that doesn't have any periods or commas or anything that lets you know when one statement ends and the other begins it gets hard to read and understand what people say when they're asking multiple questions you have to go back and look through it to figure out where the questions are and try to come up with an answer not knowing exactly how the question was phrased

(i.e. please use proper grammer next time!)

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what could be causing your screen to go black after an hour...does it actually lock up your computer or can you alt-tab/ctrl-alt-del out of it? If it actually locks up the computer it almost sounds like hardware incompatability...have you installed your motherboards AGP drivers (such as the Via 4-in-1s for Via motherboards)? Also you can use a program called Detonator Destroyer to make sure that all entries for your Geforce drivers are gone, I think you can get it over at Voodoofiles.

As far as your framerate goes, it varies depending on the game. If you try playing DX9 games like Tomb Raider:AOD or Half-life 2 in full DX9 mode, you'll probably get unplayable framerates, but in DX8 mode you should get at least 30 FPS in newer games at 1024x768 resolution. Also you might want to turn on 2xAA and Anisotropic, as the performence hit will be fairly minimal on an FX5600 card. Halo will probably get around 40 FPS for the outdoor scenes in DX9 mode, but the indoor areas will probably drop it down to around 15 since they use lots of surface effects. Older games should run at over 60 FPS (and some REALLY old ones like Quake 3 should get 200 FPS or so). So basicly, just runs games in DX8 mode, and you'll get fully playble framerates in pretty much any game.