View Full Version : Coolbits and FW 52.16

11-08-03, 08:41 PM
Well im imressed with the coolbits. Ive got the PNY 5600Ultra and it uses a defult of 400 GPU 800 Memory as the clock speeds and i used coolbits to set the memory at 900 and 450 GPU and it makes a lot of difference in UT2k3 with AA and AF at 4x. the Temp in the FW 52.16 claims the temp is 52C. Is that ok or am i lucky with this card. it has a nice silver heatsink over the memory and GPU and doesn't run hotter than with the defult. Is this ok for longterm gaimg or am i just lucky this works at these speeds and i don't get any windows errors.

11-09-03, 01:12 AM
I have a PNY 5600Ultra too. And i was able to overclock to that speed too with FW52.16. I was afraid that it will overheat so I changed it back to default(400/800).

BTW, are you able to run Need for Speed Demo using FW 52.16? I can't, so I uninstalled it and use Det 45.23.

11-09-03, 01:18 PM
Ya its seems to play ok for and this card has pretty nice Heatsink and fan so there should be no problem with mine im just seeing if others done this with there vcards too.

11-09-03, 09:33 PM
So you are able to run it at that overclock speed and it is very stable?

Are you able to run Need for Speed with FW 52.16?

11-10-03, 12:16 AM
It works ok for me but my computer runs cool anyway and i don't get any errors or any weird stuff but its an in game test to see if the overclocked setings make in impact on performance and stability. But please if anyone overclocks their 5600 Ultra to speeds of a 5900 let me know so i or anyone can help with tips.