View Full Version : Maybe just no guns for democrats?

07-09-13, 11:01 PM
Happened to run across this:

1. Ft Hood~~~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim

2. Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals.

3. Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ Registered Democrat

4. Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign;
Occupy Wall Street participant; & progressive liberal.

5. Connecticut School Shooter- ~~~ Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

6. Loughner's high school friend Zach Osler said, "He did not watch TV; he disliked the news; he didn't listen to political radio; he didn't take sides; he wasn't on the Left; he wasn't on the Right."[17] But a former classmate, Caitie Parker, who attended high school and college with Loughner, described his political views prior to 2007 as "left wing, quite liberal,"[43] "radical."[44]

They're the ones who want to remove them the most....so...ya?

07-21-13, 10:42 AM
Pretty much.

Then I'm quite certain the vast majority of crime that takes place with guns (and without) is done by democrat supporters. Not that I have any statistics handy to back that up, but given the dynamics and mentality, its a pretty safe claim to make.

Look how retarded they have gone over Trayvon. They refuse to use any intelligence, ignore the facts and just make **** up as they go along.

They have no problem with destroying a good mans life to further their agenda.