View Full Version : Nvidia GeForce FX5600 personal cinema problem

11-09-03, 01:00 PM

I got a Nividia Geforce FX5600 personal cinema graphics card which comes with a RF remote control.

The problem i am having is that the graphics card is installed and working correctly the software for the remote control is installed.

Windows XP detects the RF receiver for the remote control and windows hardware says that it is working but when i goto use th remote no functions work on it at all

Please Help

01-12-04, 02:29 PM
do you can see the icon of the nvremote on the right side of your taskbar
after booting your system?
The Icon of the remote control is like a small black wheel.

If is so, rightclick and setup the software you want
control with it.

Only the programms you choose for the remote-control,
you can handle with the baby.