View Full Version : PunkBuster kicking Nvidia drivers under Linux

11-09-03, 08:58 PM
I play SOF2 under Linux using winex. This was working fine for many months. A month or so ago PunkBuster started kicking me for a hacked driver,error #9009. Does anybody else have this problem? Is there a solution? I don't want to load up windows just for a game that actually gives me a better frame rate under linux. Any ideas?

11-10-03, 02:58 AM
Last i heard Nvidia drivers don't render all effects , FOG would be obvious reason.. thats why punkbuster thinks your hacking... same for windows , you should try older driver or newer..

11-10-03, 04:16 AM
I play SOF2 on windows and with the 52.16 drivers SOF2 freezes when I join a punkbuster server. I went back to the 45.23's and all is fine now.

I'm on a GeForce 3.

11-10-03, 04:11 PM
:( I was using the newest driver when I had the problem. I tried installing a older driver from over a year ago. Still have problem. PunkBuster says the problem is with winex. So they just brand all linux users as cheats. Now I just play on servers that don't have pb on.