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11-09-03, 10:56 PM
just built a new system (see specs below) and in the bios of the intel865perll board in the "bios>advanced>peripheral configuration" there is an option there named "ASF SUPPORT" (enabled)...does anyone know what this is for and if it should be enabled or disabled?
also in same area is onboard lan(enabled) and onboard audio (enabled)..which i know these 2 are correct cause i have no sound card or network card in pci slots...lol

one other question also about bios:
in the agp configuration it says "AGP APERTURE" =64mb ...if i have a geforce 4 ti4600 128mb card, should this be set to 128mb or default 64mb?

Aspire X-Alien Case (blue)
intel Pentium 4 865PERLL Board
intel 3.06ghz/533FSB cpu
geforce 4 TI4600
2x256mb DDR PC2700 LLPT XMS Series-
(cas latency: 2-2-2-5-T1) Memory
Maxtor 80gb-8mb cache Hard drive
Lite on cdrw Drive
400 Watt Silencer Power Supply
On Board SoundMAX Sound
WinXP Home Edition

3DMark2001se score: 13,979

PC MARK 2002:

11-10-03, 05:52 PM
ASF is the Alert Standard Format and is used by SysAdmins in a network environment to monitor PC health. Since you're probably not one of many on a network domain and probably don't have your own personal SysAdmin to monitor your system :) you can disable it.

The AGP aperature setting sets aside the designated amount of system ram for use when video textures are swapped over the AGP bus. Leave it at 64MB. The 128MB setting won't gain you anything worthwhile and with 128MB of local memory on your vid card you probably won't be swapping out textures that often, at least until Doom3 comes along.