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11-10-03, 06:43 PM
This is really two, possibly three problems in one, so bear with me...

[Problem 1]In WinXP, I'm getting some harsh crackling/syncing issues in the sound after about an hour or two of gameplay.[/Problem 1] Namely in MOHAA, but I've also had it in Call of Duty (Both "Miles 2d" and EAX 1 exhibit this problem, [Problem 3?]EAX 2 muffles sound when-it's-not-close-to-you a lot so I don't use it[/Problem 3?], and EAX 3 doesn't work of course) and Halo. I'm using a Leadtek K7NCR18D-PRO board with a 2500+ overclocked to 2300mhz and 333mhz ram overclocked to 400mhz even. Voltages have been bumped a little (+.1 for ram and cpu). I currently have a 60mm fan over the chip that had a heatsink on it (northbridge? near the cpu) and the other chip does not have a heatsink (nearer to apg and pci slots) but does have another 60mm fan blowing air over it (took 'em off a couple old super-socket 7 cpu heatsinks).
The nForce drivers I'm using are slightly mixed:
I installed the newest nForce drivers when they came out (3.13, 3.66 audio) and noticed that they [Problem 2]somehow kill the mic input[/Problem 2], but I didn't experience any more crackling (at least after a complete 7-8 hour play-through of Halo).... A tough decision was made: I needed the mic for TeamSpeak and mic work so I had to install the older drivers. Instead of completely reinstalling the older nForce version from Leadtek (2.45) I only installed the older audio drivers, which are version 3.48. I did this by unpacking the nForce driver pack and deleting the other driver folders besides "AudioDrv" and AudioUtl" and then running the setup like normal.
I have tried the 2.64 (3.64? audio version) nForce leak and I still don't get any mic input, so I've had to revert to the 2.45. Tried Mwarhead's 2.45a and the mic works, but I still get the harsh crackling and sound going out of sync (don't think he did anything to the audio driver though). I'm completely stumped as to how to solve this problem without buying a soundcard and disabling the SoundStorm.

Here's where it gets weird: in the Win9x environment (WinME to be exact), I've never experience ANY crackling or syncing issues! This has me really boggled.... :banghead:

I hope I included enough info..... Oh yeah, I have the COM and Parallel ports disabled in bios, have a 5 port USB2.0 pci card in the slot right above the cnr slot (which is empty, not using firewire) and an ATI 9500 np 128meg that loves the softmod.

Any ideas?

11-11-03, 07:59 AM
1st Sorry,

I do not know if my mike works(I don't use it), but I would think that if the new release killed the mike others would have similar issues, this is the angle I would persue. Try to get the new drivers and mike working I think that is your best bet.

11-11-03, 08:01 AM
Regarding the crackling problem with the sound: most instances of that are driver related, and the newest drivers fix that.

Regarding the mic problem: I've never used it, but I can't really say. ;) But head over to the nForcersHQ Forums (http://www.nforcershq.com) and do a search in the Audio or Drivers section ... I'm sure other there have had similar problems. It's a great forum, lots of good info!

Edit: Here's the big 3.13 audio thread (http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=34613).

Edit2: Also, how did y'all do the driver install? Uninstall old ones first, or install over the top? Check for the "hidden" audio devices and make sure the drivers are the same version (3.66) for those...


11-11-03, 09:15 AM
I have the same problem with the audio in Call of Duty, Madden 2004, and other games. I suppose that a newer driver release would fix this. Does anyone out there use the 3.13 release without problems? Right now I'm just too lazy to update them.

11-11-03, 01:01 PM
I installed my drivers right over the previous set rather than try an uninstall (which has never fully worked for me). They install over just fine and the version numbers are correct. All the other parts of the 3.13 set (excluding IDE SW and "in the box" drivers) are great. IDE SW flat out never worked for me and the "in the box" driver gave me random start up blue screens of unmountable boot volume, so just delete the ide folders in the 3.13 setup folder and install like that. I set restore points whenever I do these sorts of driver installs, but the audio drivers can be installed over very seemlessly. At least there's no problem with trying different versions like this.

I just had a thought: what if I try the 2.05? I should still have those somewhere and all I need is the audio driver. I seem to recall never having a problem with the audio drivers in the 2.05 set (mic worked). I'll get back to y'all when i install them.

*crosses fingers

add: oh yeah, there were a couple other people that have the same problem at nForceHQ (I made a comment in a thread there using "eyeguy616"), but nothing can really be done at the moment since they're really getting flooded right now. It could be a problem with Leadtek's boards, so I might just have to wait for them to put the new release on their site since they still use 2.45.

11-11-03, 02:37 PM
Many people use the newest update myself included and I don't notice any problems at all.

11-11-03, 04:12 PM
Originally posted by sxotty
Many people use the newest update myself included and I don't notice any problems at all.
I'm sorry, but I'm not one of the many. :( Wish I was.

Anyway, the older 2.05 driver (3.17 audio driver) seems to do the trick. No mic trouble and no crackling/syncing issues. The only problem is that the original installer seems to have a problem installing these over the newer sets, so just copying/cutting the audio folders to a 2.45+ driver folder will get them to install with the newer installer. You could also install them through the Hardware Manager in windows and then right-click on "NVAUTLML.INF" in the AudioUtl folder and click Install for the control panel.

Sigh... I wonder what file/dll controls what....:naughty: