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11-11-03, 03:35 AM
here is an article about some discussions about what it looks to be a sequel of the Ghost recon series.. it seems that will be developed by REDSTOrm Entertainment.. the original creators of RAinbowSix series..(ravenshield R6-3 was developed by a team of Ubisoft ,with the help of RSE)

i really like all RAINBOW SIX games from 1-3.. many of my friends have a clan :)
but also like GhostREcon series....->the singleplayer and RAinbow series ->multiplayer.. it would be nice the best of both worlds.. they feel like very diferent games, with diferent gameplays.. for the people that doesnt know about this game.. it plays very much like DEltaFOrce games ...

for the new people here you can find screenshots of the game..


if im not mistaken is the same engine that RSE licensed to the US ARMY.. for americas army..becuase of its potential for realism ,here is the info that originated the discussions..


if you know aditional info of the incoming GHost recon2.. share it here.. :)
here is the interesting article..


its nice the idea to keep separate GHost series ,from rainbow series..
and i also agree with the idea to NOT USE- Unreal2 Engine for GHost series.. for landscapes i like more the GHost recon engine ,and its amazing enviroment effects.
however wouldnt be nice a Ghost recon game in the STALKer X_ray engine :)

11-11-03, 11:57 PM
oh god i love raven shield 3.. been playing it since its release, and still play it like every day...

i want to see some havok physics in gh2... god that would be awesome:eek:

11-12-03, 04:09 PM
I want to see stunning outdoor environments which were the main characteristic of the first game, the engine is years old and they still look impressive. Id love to see what they could do with new hardware for a realistic outdoor setting.

I dont think the Unreal 2 engine is totally suitable for a Ghost Recon setting.

TBH I'd be happy with more of the same otherwise. I cant really seriously fault the game thinking back.

11-13-03, 09:40 PM
I want to see a neural net interface that actually puts me IN THE GAME. Well, it may be a bit unrealistic, but i cant seem to actually get in to anything unless it is actually happening. I curse the inability to game effectively