View Full Version : Gainward GF4 PackPack! Ultra/650XP GS question..

11-11-03, 05:48 AM
Anyone using this card? Im interesed in its fan for cooling. How loud is it? I decided to buy this card but I dont want to buy a loud squeaking card:)
TIA, Hicks

11-11-03, 08:14 AM
the fan on a TI4200? Nah, most fo them are not loud at all.And I have a Gainward GeForce4 PackPack! Ultra/700XP Golden Sample (same card as yours but the TI4400 version) and it's pretty quiet

11-11-03, 09:31 AM
Should be a good card. I have to RMA my brother's Gainward GF4 ti4200, but that was of the 64MB variety and part of a bad batch. There shouldn't be any problems with the 128MB version, and the fan isn't noticeably loud.