View Full Version : flicker problem on fx5950?

11-11-03, 02:37 PM

can anyone confirm whether or not the new fx5950 suffers from the same flickering problem that the fx5900u did? i have an fx5900u right now, nvidia's special driver solved the problem a while back but now the new forceware driver seems to have brought the flickering back (though only at about half visible strength as what the flickering was in the first place. ???).

has anyone noticed anything like the flicker problem from the 5900, on their 5950 on the same system?


11-11-03, 03:23 PM
u must be seeing things man.
The 5950 and 5900 r the same cards.

NV raised the heat level in a past driver to fix it and
it's still running the same temp as before.

I've not seen any flickers at all. "sorry"

Have u changed your bong water latly? "J/K" :angel: