View Full Version : cant change video drivers

11-11-03, 05:48 PM
i got a new EVGA Brand geforce fx 5700 ultra card yesterday and installed it in computer, and then placed driver cd in cdrom and installed the drivers. the drivers are the 52.14, but the problem is they were installed into the C:WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 Folder, so when i go add/remove programs there is no nvidia display drivers folder to remove these drivers. so my question is how do i change to the 52.16 drivers the coorect way? and also with this card what are the best drivers i should use in your opinion's?

11-12-03, 11:24 PM
you can either a) install them over it, or b) assuming your using windows XP, go into the device manager, click on display adapter, right click on your cards name, click properties, then click the driver tab at the top. You will get a choice to uninstall, roll back, details, and some thing else. Just click uninstall driver and voila, they should be gone. Or you can download a detonator removal program from nvnews or guru3d.com. Hope this helps....