View Full Version : Help! I have a Quadro FX 3000G inside my notebook!!

11-12-03, 06:51 AM

I need help because the Detonator 44.85 installed on my Sattelite P10-554 notebook with GeForce GO FX 5600 shows the VR sync options tab like a $3500 PNY Quadro FX 3000G...


(the last entry "Bildsynchronisierung" is german and stands for "image sync." - as You can see its a ordinary GeForce FX GO 5600 mobile card)

The system becomes nearly frozen if I start to navigate in the detonator tabs because of that.

How can I turn it off? (Don't want to reinstall the whole system because of a driver detail...)



The Baron
11-12-03, 09:04 AM


Anyway, I would say do the following:

1. Uninstall the NVIDIA drivers.

2. Reboot to Safe Mode.

3. Run DriverCleaner (available from www.driverheaven.net )

4. Reboot to normal mode.

5. Reinstall 44.85.

All I can think of... and Jeebus. That's actually kinda nifty.

11-12-03, 02:13 PM
Wait just a damn minute!

don't just walk away. What the hell is that!?

The Baron
11-12-03, 02:23 PM
Originally posted by poursoul
Wait just a damn minute!

don't just walk away. What the hell is that!?
Oh, you're wondering what the hell that panel is? It's for the 3000G's framelock, which allows multiple 3000Gs to be connected via Cat5 cable to render the same thing simultaneously. I don't think it's SLI, really; more for extra huge resolutions.

11-13-03, 07:26 AM
Hi Baron!

Thanks for the tip - I see the best way is to clean the NV registry keys by hand to ensure all features are set to default until I reinstall the detonator...

And YES - framelock is a cool thing if it comes to multiscreen highres powerwall installations - unfortunateley this PNY cards are realy expensive :-((

Hmm - You don't belive what's installed in my notebook? OK a 3000G is too much but thats realy true: my DELL M60 Notebook is eqipped with a real Quadro-Card :-))) (Quadro FX GO 770 - 128MB)

But hasn't the framesync tab ;-)