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11-12-03, 09:17 AM
I use the Edimentions 3d glasses when playing games. This need the stereo drivers addon naturaly for it to work. I notice that the current stereo drivers are for 45.23 drivers.

In my ignorance i updated to the 52.16 driver and alls well. But if you do add the 45.23 stereo drivers, it just doesnt work. I used the medical test and other tests and nudda. I reverted back to old 45.23 drivers with 45.23 stereo addon and all is well.

Anyone know when the stereo drivers will be updated to work with new 52.16 drivers at all?


11-13-03, 07:13 AM
I too have been searching for a solution to this, and others have had no luck either. I personally think they will have 3d 'drivers' out when the 52.xx drivers are released for Windows 98/ME. They really have their priorities on getting Windows 2000/XP working before the 'other' stuff.
Gotta keep up with the Jones' (ATI)! ;(

I don't think they would drop the 3d support, since it is used in their professional cards (on some level) and the 52.xx drivers for the Quadros have started to become vendor certified. So while I cannot directly answer your question, 'when?' I can only share hope with you that they will be out soon.

11-13-03, 08:13 AM
Its a ****ter, but I gues they will arrive soon. If anyone gets a sniff then post a link here.

Im also looking on 3d guru all the time, so anything arrives I will post here to.

11-13-03, 03:42 PM
Stereo on XP (at least) has been broken since the 45.33 FX flicker-fixing drivers.

Don't hold your breath waiting for a fix, just go back to the 45.23 drivers (if you don't have the flickering FX issue) as this problem arose many months ago, and it still is not fixed.

Nvidia does not care about stereo functionality with it's graphics cards (try contacting them and reporting it), only that they have your money.

03-04-04, 10:47 AM
It's been a long time but it looks like they are out...
Haven't tried them yet since my glasses are being borrowed right now.


They appear to require the 56.xx series detonators.

Let us know how they work.

03-04-04, 10:57 AM
Well, well, well ... been a while eh folks .. I posted here soooo long ago!

Im downloading now and testing later, feedback here I guess.

Thanks very much for replying to this thread about the news! :D

03-04-04, 02:33 PM
Well, ummmm ....

Installed the 56.56 driver whql version for xp (i have xp pro) ... all ok, some setting missing like "texture sharpen" which I used to make things crisp in games .. as a result these drivers even though set high didnt look as crisp .. hhhh.

I then installed the new 3d drivers. Did medical test and screen switched .. glasses dimmed & flickers (as usual) .. but ..... no 3d!

Tried Ghost Recon & Raven Shield and nudda. Strange thing is the screen splits stereo as normal like it looks when its on & your not wearing the glasses (this doesnt happen when you have wrong drivers like 45.23 stereo didnt when using higher drivers) . And the glasses dimm & flicker as they should, but ... no stereo. Infact with glasses on you still see the split stereo screen (double vision) like you would with glasses off!? Even though the glasses are working.

So ... I can only conclude that with 4200TI cards (maybe all TI range) they wont work & stick to 45.23? Unless someone else can say otherwise.

Hey ho back to old drivers, guess its a case of fixing what isnt broken!

03-04-04, 03:08 PM
I remember someone having a similar problem and they ended up uninstalling the nvidia drivers through add-remove programs and then reinstalling them, and it fixed it. Some registry stuff was corrupt. (the video driver, not just the 3d driver)

If you haven't done that it's worth a try.

Now I want my glasses back to see if I can get it to work. :)

03-04-04, 05:05 PM
I did get the new stereo drivers to work, but since Tribes 2 is still fooked with the 55.56-57 drivers, it is still practically useless to me.