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07-30-02, 06:48 PM
im relatively new to DDR, having used SD previously, and ive only just got my KX7 to replace my old KT7A. Not using DDR memory, im relatively new to all the BIOS settings, and i would love a little into to all the settings avalible. The kx7 has a stupidly tuneable bios! there is like a page of settings for my memory alone. I understand about cas timings, but what i dont understand is the 3 or 4 other timings on top of the first one! (which is 2.5).

Im only using cheap 256MB PC2100 until i get some more money for the PC3000 i want, but id like to make the most of what ive got for now....

thanks :)

07-30-02, 08:32 PM
This information would be useful for me in the near future as well.

Someone please post! :)

07-31-02, 08:35 AM
i'm not sure if this will help, but theres a bios tweak guide