View Full Version : 52.70 (potential) issue/bug - nv_modes broken!?

11-13-03, 05:52 PM

I've set and merged (as always) to registry optimal settings for my card/monitor according to:


(nevermind the url, what's important is it's UG v2.1)

something like that:

{*}S 640x480 800x600 1024x768=70;1152x864 1280x960=30;1600x1200=8;

but it seems broken: resolution of 1280x1024 shows up (it should not! according to my settings) with refresh rates of 75 and 85 Hz, resolution of 1024x768 gets additional RRs: 60, 70 and 75 Hz (instead of 85, 100, 120 only!), 800x600 gets additional: 56 (!), 60, 72 and 75 Hz (instead of 85, 100, 120 only!) and 640x480 gets additional 60, 72 and 75 Hz (instead of 85, 100, 120 only!).

1152x864, 1280x960 and 1600x1200 work all (appropriate RRs according to settings).

What's going on? In previous 4x.xx and 5x.xx drivers it *always* worked OK (same procedure applied). Is is a bug in 52.70 or maybe procedure of setting resolutions and RRs (refresh rates) has changed? Important: do you have/experience the same issue?

thanks for replies!

11-13-03, 10:37 PM
that looks like the same rates ive always gotten:confused:

11-14-03, 04:38 PM
to ALL: please folks - check this out and report your findings here. It's not rocket science and it *should* work (like it did). It's a serious bug - 60 Hz in OpenGL in most playable resolutions (ie 1024x768) is NOT funny at all (I had decent 85 Hz previously with the same settings, so it's obviously sth wrong with these drivers).

Anyone from Nvidia reading this - please fix that crap :o.

11-14-03, 04:44 PM
im using the 52.70 in opengl games such as cod and sof2 and im geting 85hertz no problem at 1024x768. to get this refresh rate i am using the command i always have done for q3 engine based games

r_displayrefresh 85 //sets the refresh rate
vid_restart //restarts the gfx so that the settings take effect

11-17-03, 08:50 AM
Confirmed. I've experienced such troubles too, ForceWare's NV_Modes decompression code seems to handle custom refresh rates incorrectly (probably treats 0x8.... as custom refresh rate and combination of standard refresh rates).

11-17-03, 06:17 PM
Figure I would post my results with my FX5200 Ultra clocked at 360/740

Pre-340 Patch


Post-340 Patch


Basically, it equates to a loss of 437 Marks. I also benched my system at 3.5Ghz as opposed to 3.6Ghz. Just making sure stability wasn't going to be an issue since I hadn't installed 3DMark03 till today. Only tested 3.6Ghz with BF1942 and 3DMark2001 SE.

There ya go though... :)