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11-13-03, 07:20 PM
well first off lemme say i have the crappy PNY card :P i've already lost one of them .. but luckily pny promptly gave me a new one (a "4800" or the 8x 4600) anyway i've had this card for a few months now and all was well until a month or so ago when open gl stopped working .. i thought this was incredibly odd cuz any game running under DirectX ran fine .. while i could live with this fact if i were a gamer (most games i play are DX related except maybe homeworld2) but im big into 3d graphics and effects.. which uses OpenGL (lightwave) so obviously this is a big draw back.. what makes the issue even more strange is if i create a new user and log in under that open gl works like a charm no problems what so ever.. strange no? its even more ammusing when both users are logged in and only one of them can use opengl... in fact i'd try it on one user (the main one) and it would fail and then i'd log off and try it on another user and it'd work fine.. then i'd log both in and the main one still wouldnt run any opengl app (homeworld crashes lightwave starts up but all the veiw ports are greyed out.. kind of irritating)

eventually i decided it was time to format anyhow (i'd had other things i wanted to clean up anyhow) so i did a fresh install on my main system drive.. and all was well.. for a while. The det50 drivers have been installed since about the time they came out and i hadn't run into any problems until last night (and i've been using opengl games and such alot since the installation) the problem returned.. same thing happens no opengl in my main user but opengl in any other account i create.. very odd indeed :P except this time im getting random reboots as well which is also fairly annoying.. also followed by extremly laggy boot ups (taking far more time to boot than before) now it could be a virus.. however my virus scanner doesnt catch anything.. and i dont think it can be software related since i installed a fresh system that _was_ working fine. so this leads me to think its some hardware issue.. possibly another bad card from PNY.. anyway if anyone has any insite into my problem that'd be much appriciated :)

just for reference here's the specs:
300 gigs (a 40 a 60 and 2 100s)
epox 8rda+
athlonxp 1700+ @ 1.84
1gb ddr 400 ram
PNY geforce 4 4800
Win XP Pro sp1
Forceware 52.16

and my roomate has no issues like this and everything runs fine (4400 forceware52.16 dx9.. etc)

11-15-03, 03:58 PM
well i've tried another video card (still an nvidia) but the problem is still there, i've also tried the 52.70 drivers and the problem presists..

Does this sound like it could be powersupply related? i've been experiencing random reboots, and the fact an operating system reinstall didnt seem to help it makes me think that its hardware..

11-15-03, 10:52 PM
I can't see it being the Power supply in this because he said it works with DX but no OpelGL. I think it something to do with either a startup maybe sounddriver applet or a service that maybe keeping OpenGL from working Also check for chipset drivers as well and use a minimal startup as possible when running games.

11-15-03, 11:50 PM
actually here's how it goes:

Opengl works in a different user AND when i log on with that user first the broken account will work as well..

strange is it not?

just to mess around im going to unplug power from all the devices in the system except the primary hard drive and the essentials.. just to give it a go.. we'll see how that turns out