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11-14-03, 12:41 PM
Having some problems with the new Asus SK8N Mobo and the AMD FX51

Have any of you built a system using these 2 specific parts?

My guess is the chipset drivers are the problem, I will leave feedback when I discover the problem. If any of you have built a FX51 System and have any input, please don't be afraid to share.:D
This thing runs like a damn celeron 433


11-14-03, 02:17 PM
What sort of problems are you having?

11-15-03, 12:39 PM
Wow, those 2 componets = about $950

11-15-03, 01:29 PM
Still not as bad as the UK 1 CPU + 1 board = 750 ($1,270)

11-16-03, 01:47 PM
Originally posted by scott123
Wow, those 2 componets = about $950

lol yea, hate to overlook yer prob Reaper but you've got some sweet hw there.

Anyways try giving more details on what the prob is, we still might be able to help out.