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11-15-03, 11:48 PM
Whoahh.. never heard of this game before until today.. looks very promising ,
dont miss the Painkiller gameplay demos.. its strange but the game remembers me the fast gameplay of Doom2 ,but with the cool graphics of Enclave and other gothic theme games :D


very fast gameplay,nasty weapons with tons of monsters and blood everywhere.. deformable terrain and destructive enviroments ,morphing characters,pixel shaders effects and also use the HAvok engine (like Hl2) for physics and very high polygons counts and detailed enviroments.. :)

demo videos of the games.

a review here.. with screenshots..


many more screenshots and movies..


wow! this looks like one of my top games on the list.. single player+full multiplayer ,and the dev are big fans of the quakeworld Mod community.. they use many ideas in the gameplay of the game ..too many good games to get in 2004.. :)

11-16-03, 12:41 AM
u fooled me, i thought there was a playable demo!


cool game though, im gonna order will rock because it kinda looks like it heh.

11-16-03, 04:23 AM
hehe.. a video of a playable demo.. :)

here is a cool interview with their developers....
they admit that Doom1 and 2 was their inspiration for the game.. i knew it :)
the speed of the game and the armys of demos and the many parts demons breaks suggested that :)

GH: A quote from the site: "You'll be constantly attacked by hordes of monsters..." Don't you think the Serious Sam style WAS refreshing, but now is trite?

Adrian: With all respect to Serious Sam (bloody fun game, played and finished both parts), we don't do it SS style. Our inspiration is Doom 1 & 2 and Quakeworld. The whole problem with action-focused FPS games is that there is really not that many of them, and every time someone does action-oriented shooter, people automatically go "Oh, it's a new Serious Sam!" - because there's nothing else to compare it to. And there are tons of differences between PK and SS. Anyway this "hordes" thing is not exactly true. Yes, you have A LOT of action, but it's not that you're stuck in a large room and the door opens after you kill 1000 enemies. Our bodycount is probably smaller than SS's, but there's more action, blowing up stuff, interaction with environment, scripted sequences, monsters cooperation, etc. not to mention the horror theme. In short, the gameplay experience is quite different from SS.

GH: You had a working demo of Painkiller @ E3. Six months later you delay it to spring 04. Revamping something or miscalculate?

Adrian: Pure miscalculation. We forgot we always add more and more cool stuff. We cannot let it go. It's a bad habit, but the game will benefit.

GH: At the expense of the technological edge?

Adrian: On the contrary. We're adding shaders like there's no tomorrow.

GH: The HL2 source code leak - touchy subject - Guess you have mixed emotions about that one?

Adrian: What? HL2 code leaked?!? Just kidding. Seriously though... No I don't have a mixed feeling. It's BAD for us. Now everyone will say we have good shaders because HL2 code is available ...well, everywhere.


11-16-03, 05:54 AM
It's a badass looking game.
The graphics are second to non. R they using any DX9?

Even tho all the ati guys r mad because they teamed with Nvidia
I'm glad they did. At least us poor old nvidia owners with slow cards know
it will run good on ours. :)
I'll buy this game.
I'm sure to get graphic this good to run sweet on NV hardware it
had a lot of extra coding.
The Radeon's should run it sweet anyway. They have the raw power
we do not have in DX9.