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11-17-03, 03:05 AM
My default clock speeds are 400/850. Calculating what ns memory the card uses, 2.4ns would only be capable of 833, 2.3ns is capable of 870, 2.2ns should be 910. I have an MSI 5900VTD which is supposed to have 2.2ns memory or so I thought. However, the card will not run stable at 400/900.

The onboard temp monitor reports 30 idle, 38 after hours of gaming. System temp is 22 degress under load, processor temp is 45 degress under load so I don't think its heat related. I have an Antec trueblue 480w power supply so I really don't think its that either. Anybody have any theories?

11-17-03, 03:58 AM
439/905 is all they could get here to.

440/905 here:

My guess would be maybe they did not use 2.2 on it.
Or there timings will not allow it.

My cards max it about 980 with no artifacts.
But I just run it at 950 all the time. That yelds
the best performance while only pushing it 40mhz over spec.
It's rated at 908. "2.2"

11-17-03, 04:31 AM
Thanks for the links. I didn't think about the timings. I guess even if they used 2.2ns memory, if they used aggressive timings then it won't like being overclocked too much. It's not greatly unstable at 400/900, but I get a blue screen about every 1.5 - 2 hours. When clocked at the usual 400/850, I haven't seen a blue screen yet (after several days of playing Call Of Duty).

11-18-03, 08:42 AM
Maybe you just got a bad overclocker. My BFG 5900 nonultra will run stable for hours at 500/950

11-18-03, 11:21 AM
My BFG can run 490/990 100% stable.....but i run 480/980 24/7