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11-17-03, 08:10 AM
I've been waiting for a good pair of drivers lately and 52.70's are just the thing i've been looking for, Great performance gains in all games, i can't complain... Theres just one problem. I cant get color on my secondary display (55'HDTV through s-video) Its never been a problem for me with anything under 50.xx drivers so i know its not my cables or the tv.. its simply a driver issue that spans through all 50.xx drivers..

So if anyone out there with knowledge of driver modifications please let me know what i need to change to fix this issue myself and possibly others If there are any.

Im currently using WinME 52.72win9x

So far i know its not the connection type i have it set to the proper s-video output...

11-18-03, 09:10 PM