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11-19-03, 11:26 PM
i searched forum but didnt find this topic.
i just got call of duty and installed it tonight. when i launch the game it is at 60hz refresh rate no matter what screen size i choose.(usually 1024x 768)

i use "refresh force tool" and all my other games go to correct refresh rates

is there something else i must do to correct this,or does call of duty only run at 60hz?
when installing game i did not install directx 9.0b because it has already been installed on my system
is everyone else stuck at the 60hz refresh rate with this game or did i miss something?

my system:
Aspire X-Alien case with side window and 6 fans(3 green lighted)
intel pentium 4 3.06ghz cpu /533FSB
intel 865PERLL board / onboard sound and LAN
EVGA Geforce Fx 5700 Ultra (core=475mhz/memory=900mhz)
80gb/8mb Cache Maxtor H.D.
512DDR Corsair XMS PC2700 Memory(low latency 2-2-2-5)
400 Watt Silencer Power supply
Lite-on CDRW Drive
17 inch dell monitor
Mitsuko blue keyboard
microsoft intellimouse explorer(optical)
altec lansing 2 speaker"s +sub woofer
winxp home edition

11-20-03, 01:52 AM
Works fine here.

Note that you must run RF again after reinstalling the drivers :)

11-20-03, 03:38 AM
You dont need refresh tool, or rivatuner for refresh rates anymore.

The problem is if you let windows work out the monitor timings, it will default to 60hz.

In the NV control panel, goto monitor timings, and select Discrete timings. This will let NV driver select the refresh rate.

Now go to the refresh rate over-rider panel, set all of those. Problem solved.

Make sure you have proper monitor drivers installed, and dont blame me if it blows up.. :D Works fine for me tho..

11-20-03, 10:35 AM
ok ...in a call of duty forum i found another way also to correct problem for refresh rate stuck at 60hz in call of duty game: Go to the Main folder in the game directory. There is a file called config.cfg and config_mp.cfg. Open them both in notepads and add a line to the end like this :

seta r_displayrefresh "85"

do one at a time with notepad and close and save changes on each one when notepad closes.

i still use refresh force tool and all my other games work in correct refresh rates perfectly