View Full Version : Help, Problems with my ABit KR7A-Raid!!

11-20-03, 10:23 AM
I have the above board and the other day after years of use the computer decided not to want to turn on. It would in fact turn on for 1 second and then off again. After that it would not turn on any more unless i reset the bios and the same 1 second on off happened again. I then decided to remove all the components from the computer and remove the MB from the case, and even without the processor i would get the same result. Is this a defective MB?

The problem i have is that my HD's are in a RAID 0 array and i dont want to loose all my data, i also dont think paying abit 60 for a repair job is worth it. If i buy a new MB, will i need to make sure it has the same raid controller?

I have PC2700 ram, what is the fastest processor i can get with this ram, otherwise i will have to upgrade the entire computer and that is out of the question at the moment.

many thanks in advance for your help

11-21-03, 06:28 PM
If you wish to recover your data, you will definitely need to run a highpoint controller with the bios set the same as what you onboard is currently set at. You could get a card, but for about the same price you can find a kx7 which is the same exact board, but with the kt333 chipset. This would be a drop in fix for you.

11-22-03, 07:15 AM
Thanks for that, the only problem i have now is that fact that these MBs are very hard to find and nobody is selling them anymore. :(

What to do, what to do?

11-22-03, 11:47 AM
I sure hope your kr7a survives... they're great boards, and run all 200, 266, and 333 fsb Athlons with no prob... 200/400fsb is not do-able on this mobo unless you do some mods to it... but a Barton @ 178fsb, 2.2ghz is probably not an unrealistic capability declaration :P...

Try a diff. PSU...

Check your cpu/HSF setup to make sure theres enough thermal compound on there...

Try a couple different video cards...

I had the same prob. once with my KR7A-133R, and it was solved with the options above.... oh and some love too.... :p

I didn't use the RAID on mine though... I hope that's not a source of your problem....:confused: