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11-22-03, 10:27 AM
Ok, I know this may sounds like a dumb question.....but here it goes. How much does a chipset really matter? If a cpu fits a motherboard socket, say both are socket 478, how much does the chipset really come into play?

11-22-03, 11:01 AM
Here's some examples with some ballpark numbers, just to show you the performance spread between some chipsets...

Socket A DDR:
XP2100 cpu, 512mb DDR, GF4ti4400

AMD 760:
Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 17XXX/15XXX
3dmark01: ~8.3k

SiS 735:
Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 175XX/155XX
3dmark01: ~8.8k

Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 178XX/158XX
3dmark01: ~9.3k

Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 19XXX/17XXX
3dmark01: ~10k

Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 195XX/175XX
3dmark01: ~10.2k

Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 20XXX/18XXX
3dmark01: ~10.4k

... My figures arent exact... but they're close for stock setups...

11-22-03, 11:15 AM
ok, lemme me a bit more blunt. Right now I have a p4 2.53 with an i850E chipset. The cpu is a 478 socket. The damn thing runs on RDRAM RAMBUS which is crazy expensive. Can I take out my cpu and put it in another mobo thats also 478 that runs with DDR? Will things work correctly?

11-22-03, 12:59 PM
Right now your CPU should be getting about the max bandwidth it could actually make use of (around 4GB/sec). I don't think you're going to gain enough performance out of going to a 875/865 motherboard to make it worth it. Now, if you get yourself a C series P4 (say a 2.4C) then the story changes a bit.

11-22-03, 02:10 PM
How much performance would I lose by going to another chipset/mobo? I'm really trying to get away from using RDRAM. Thnks for the replies too guys.

11-22-03, 02:31 PM
You should get an increase, not a loss with upgrading to a i865/i875 Chipset. The DDR400 in dual channel operation already exceeds RDRAM's speed and performance.

P4's love bandwidth. That is why the i850E chipset was so great until i865/i875. E7205 came close to completely leaving RDRAM in the dust, although it only supported DDR333 in Dual Channel. Wasn't till Dual Channel DDR400, that RDRAM had finally been put to rest. Remember, this chipset came out around April/May 2002. Till then, it was a toss up between E7205 or i850, and no one wanted to buy a i850 because it was going to be replaced as well as the E7205 by the i865/i875 chipsets.

SiS's 655 chipset was the last chipset to come out trying to offer RDRAM users/supporters a final chance. Unfortunitely, it failed to perform.

So yes, you should go with a DDR mobo and either i865 or i875. My i875 Asus P4C800-E as well as the IC7-Maxx 3 offer support for the first itterations of the Prescott CPU's that will support the Socket 478 till later 2004 when Socket T will be introduced.



11-22-03, 03:53 PM
Originally posted by kraigc
How much performance would I lose by going to another chipset/mobo? I'm really trying to get away from using RDRAM. Thnks for the replies too guys.
You won't see much of an increase. As I stated earlier, your CPU is already getting pretty close to the maximum bandwidth it can make use of. It wouldn't be worth the money, IMO. If you decided to replace your CPU with say a 2.4C (800 FSB) then it would perhaps be worth it.

Remember, the 533FSB processors can only utilize around 4GB/sec worth of bandwidth which your current setup already provides for the most part.

I would guesstimate that you'd be lucky to see more than a 5% performance increase which is, IMHO, noowhere near worth the trouble of replacing your motherboard and going to all the trouble of rebuilding your entire system and spending at least $100 on the motherboard and significantly more on the memory.

Again, the situation changes if you decide to dump the 533FSB CPU.

11-22-03, 04:02 PM
And that is with DDR266 and the E7205. Now think about DDR400 and i865. Also depends on what your gonna do. Are you going to buy a Socket T mobo when they come out along with a Prescott or Tejas? Are you going to go AMD Hammer? How quickly will you replace your videocard to a PCI-Express one. A lot of things to consider. ;)




11-22-03, 04:34 PM
Thanks for the info guys. I've decided to get Asus P4T533-C and overclock my 2.53Ghz until this time next year. Then I will go with whatever is cutting edge at the moment. Thanks!