View Full Version : Which Bartons unlock/Which ones don't?

11-24-03, 07:50 PM
I've heard things about the newer 2500's not unlocking... I don't wanna go through an OC'ing nightmare on my 8RDA+... Anyone know what steppings do/don't unlock? ... Newegg's 2500's.. heh, I hope they're unlocked, cuz I wanna snatch one up... ... if it's unlocked... :p

11-25-03, 10:30 PM

The Baron
11-25-03, 11:40 PM
FrozenCPU is selling something to slip over the pins to unlock Bartons now... but I don't know which models specifically are locked.

11-26-03, 03:15 PM
Week 38+ chips are locked.

11-28-03, 12:38 AM
I've got a retail boxed 2500+ (week 34).

Yeah, it's locked.

11-28-03, 06:51 AM
Originally posted by emotionstation
I've got a retail boxed 2500+ (week 34).

Yeah, it's locked.

Mine is week 34... it's unlocked :confused:

11-28-03, 08:04 AM
I thought most nforce2 mobo's automatically unlocked the multiplier?

Never had any problem altering the multiplier on mine, until my new mobo funds are done.. :/

11-28-03, 02:47 PM
Originally posted by Viral
Mine is week 34... it's unlocked :confused:

Actually, mine's a week 42. I read it wrong, haha.

0342 UPMW (AQYFA).

Fortunately for me, the overclocking potential is still there (very much so). Upping the FSB to 200 on my 2500+ Barton exhibited almost no increase in temperature, as well as I didn't have to touch my Vcore.

Once I get some 'more capable' ram, and a better PSU I'll push the FSB up a bit higher.

11-28-03, 02:49 PM
Also, the new locked bartons are being locked intentionally at the factory. There is currently no method of unlocking these chips (though the guys at oc.com (http://www.overclockers.com/) are working to find a resolution to this 'issue').