View Full Version : gamestart.de :Doom3 incoming preview.

11-25-03, 11:08 PM
take a look a the gamestar.de thumbnails of the incoming preview
of latest in Doom3.

german alatavista translate....
As is to be read on Gamestar.de, becomes the coming expenditure, which starting from 03.12. in the trade available, a comprehensive Doom3 Preview is contained. Fire-new Facts and pictures are announced. GameStar.de was to be published so friendly a small picture of the Previews. As soon as the article outside is, we will inform you immediately and will show the new pictures if necessary. Here is now the Thumbs:


Btw.. it looks like there are female(s) in doom3 ,one dressed in red and another nude fat women? and diferent style of graphics in the levels in some of the screenshots ...

hope to see a full preview in english or a mulitplayer demo soon.