View Full Version : Creative 5900 ultra overclock

11-27-03, 10:00 AM
I have just overclocked my graphics card to 500/950 standard cooling i was wondering what overclocks other people have with this GPU and is this a good overclock or should i push it more ?
There are no artifacts or trouble of any kind.

11-27-03, 11:27 AM
With Leadtek..got mine to 552/1002 stock fan.

I think you can push it way more. But then again, the card is powerful as it is so not much point in overclocking unless you want to benchmark.

Great card enjoy the gaming.

11-28-03, 12:16 AM
I run my BFG 5900NU at 500/975

11-28-03, 03:48 AM
Think i will stick with that speed then cheers for the replies

11-29-03, 10:01 AM
With my Leadtek I get 520/950.

11-29-03, 12:09 PM
Also included is Thermaltake Xaser Case V 2000+ which has 7 fans and a 550 Antec True power supply which I might believe be giving that extra juice.

How did you determine your limit? Based on which programs? Just wondering so that I can try those as well. Aquamark and other games is what I ran.


12-02-03, 01:04 PM
i have got an overclock of 576/1000! now with auto detect

gunna to some thorough testing now!!

12-02-03, 01:14 PM
disasterous locks up after a while thought it was to good to be true. im safe at 516/950

12-02-03, 01:52 PM
505/955 on my on my BFG 5900nu is the sweet spot for gaming.

I got it up to 545/1000 with no problems other than high temps.