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11-27-03, 05:45 PM
i have noticed that the ati 9800 pro card comes with DDR1 TYPE memory, and the geforcefx 5700 ultra comes with DDR2 type memory on the video cards. what is better ddr 1 or ddr 2? also the 9800 pro comes with core speed 380/memory 680 and the geforcefx 5700 ultra has 475 core and 900 memory speeds, so how can the ati 9800 pro be a better card than the geforce fx 5700 ultra?
what are some of the main differences from the ati 9800 pro card as compared to a geforce fx 5700 ultra card? is there really that much of a visual difference when playing games between the 2 cards?

11-27-03, 06:01 PM
when both ddr 1 and 2 are at equal speeds, ddr1 is better due to a lower latency

as for how a lower clocked ati 9800 pro can do better than a higher clocked 5700 ultra...simply put, they have different architectures

as far as visual differences, that is subjective

11-27-03, 06:58 PM
I don't think the differences are subjective, but how much they impact the gaming expeience is subjective.

Objectivley, AA is far superior on ATI cards w/ far less of a performance hit, and a *much* better job at wiping out jaggies while kepping the screen sharp.

Objectivley, DX9 performance is far better on ATI cards.

How important is this to a customer, well, that is what is subjective.

11-27-03, 07:06 PM
DDR2 runs quite a lot hotter than DDR1. Btw clock speeds definitely aren't everything. If a product can run faster with a lower clock speed than another product it is a great thing. Generally if you have a lower clock speed, it is possible that it will be cooler, quieter, and use less power. Of course that is not always true either, it all come down to the better design.