View Full Version : freeze with my GeForce FX 5600

11-28-03, 03:41 AM

I failed to install my FX 5600 (name "Gigi") in my computer, under Windows 98 SE. I tried various drivers, including the drivers on the CD and also the latest driver of the nvidia site. The problem is always the same: when the graphical interface of windows comes up, it freezes.

I think I know what is the problem: it may be the AGP which does not work well with my motherboard. My motherboard is a Asus A7V KT133 with AGP 4x. Why can I say that there is a problem with AGP ? Actually, I tested it under linux: with AGP support, X freeze also and without AGP support, all is going ok. So I suppose that under Windows, AGP is activated just when the graphical interface appears. Then it freezes.

Some details that can help:
- Asus A7V KT133 with AGP 4x
- GeForce FX 5600 - 128 Mo - TV et DVI
- Duron 700

Have you some ideas ?


11-29-03, 08:54 AM
Hi some news of my problem: I succeeded in launching Windows. It seems that it strongly depends on the parameter in my BIOS:

AGP Aperture Size

I changed it from 128 to 32 and now, windows does not freeze. But, when launching a 3d Game, it freezed again. Then, I modified my AGP from 4x to 1x and it seems to be stable. AGP 2x seems to works for some Games, but not other... It's really strange.


11-29-03, 02:54 PM
Does your board (mainboard) support SBA & Fastwrites? Have you checked to see if they are enabled? Try disabling them if they are on and it may solve your problems - also make sure you have the latest Via AGP Drivers too.

12-01-03, 06:27 AM
It's really better: I am now sure that Fast Write is badly supported by my motherboard. When i activate it, windows crash at startup. I succeeded in running GAT III in AGP 2X (with Fast Write disabled, Shadow memory disabled, and other options loaded from Default in my bios). AGP 4x definitely does not works... ;-(

About SBA I am not sure it is activated under Windows. I have to check it with a 3d tune tool on www.guru3d.com. May be it's the problem for AGP 4x. May be also, AGP 4x does not works well with my old motherboard... So being able to play with AGP 2x is sufficient, I think.

Thanks a lot for your help. Now I have to succeed with AGP 2x under Linux... But it's probably a new thread in an other forum....