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11-29-03, 08:00 PM
originally it was told that ABducted was developed by
contraband entertaiment (http://www.contrabandent.com/home.html) (the company behind titles like SIN and heavy metalfakk) an in house per pixel lighting engine.. which main coder in his own site wrote an article about its engine.



but the same guy annouced in his site that resigned the company some months ago .

now THere is info around internet ,like the interview with carmack done in the CGW magazine that says that ABducted is now developed in the Doom3 engine.. ??


its looks to me ,like an error in the magazine ,the engine of the game was looking pretty much finished ,by looking at their movies and screenshots..


but still curious about if it is a magazine error.. and abducted is still developed in house engine.. but find very curious that still they are thankfull to Idsoftware and linked in their site...


probably because of the past games?? or new ones?
looks more a mis-communication between the magazine and developers of abducted , their engine graphics looks as good if not better by looking at some of their screenshots and features.. still is interesting that one of the biggest guys there that worked in the engine doesnt work anymore there ,in a time when the game is far for being released ,like the site says "Not soon" (http://www.contrabandent.com/products.html) " in their site and even they doesnt inform about a publisher. for a game that should be shipping in 2004 looks like they are behind their schedule. whether is true or not the game looks very promising. any solid info that confirm or deny what the magazine says above is welcome...

11-30-03, 06:59 AM
You raise good questions there, I asked myself the same thing after reading the latest Carmack interview that Abducted indeed uses the D3 engine. I was also pretty sure they were developping their own engine at contraband entertainment.

The early screenshots show that the shadow and lighting effects do indeed look exactly like the D3 engine but they include a shiny bump effect I have never seen in any D3 screenshot. So maybe Abducted always used the D3 engine but as with every engine licensing, the in-house team makes sometimes small or big changes to the engine to adapt it to their needs.

Any way, what I'm pretty sure of is that both D3 as also Abducted are optimized for nvidia's UltraShadow technology on nv35 boards and upwards.

11-30-03, 07:02 AM
Originally posted by Nv40
contraband entertaiment (the company behind titles like SIN and heavy metalfakk)

just to clarify: contraband entertainment did not design those two games, they were just ported to the Mac by them. The creators of those two games still is still Ritual Entertainment.