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12-02-03, 09:33 AM
Greetings Programs... :D

CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) has a poll running for a fourth tournament game at the Summer 2004 Extreme Championship. DOD is finally on the list but slacking in votes. DOD is currently in 3th place PLEASE support DOD and vote.

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DOD really needs to be in this tournament. PLEASE SUPPORT DOD and VOTE!!! I will be SO angry is StarCraft is the 4th game. I will be there if DOD makes it so if you don't plan on attending the event, help me out and vote for DOD :afro:

Results from 12/1

Battlefield 1942 31% (1383)
Quake 3: Arena 23% (1026)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 11% (497)
StarCraft 36% (1601)
Day of Defeat 24% (1252)
Team Fortress Classic 4% (189)
Call of Duty 19% (1017)
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 22% (1172)
Savage: The Battle for Newerth 2% (132)
America's Army 4% (195)
Medal of Honor 1% (76)
Soldier of Fortune II 1% (61)
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 23% (1199)


12-02-03, 01:33 PM
Dang, why isnt Desert Combat on there?

BTW, you have to register to vote on that poll.... id help ya out but im too tired\lazy right now :p

12-02-03, 03:24 PM
I agree that DoD should take the place of any of the other FPS games near the top of the list, but I also think that at least one RTS game should be included. For that reason, I'm glad that Starcraft has its place.

12-02-03, 03:36 PM