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12-02-03, 11:24 AM
MAN! I've been dying for some good mech action! Mech warrior 4 is sooo damn played out for me.

Anyone know of any other good mech games out there? I've even been whippin out the old genesis emulator to play mech assault :eek:

I would really love to see some great new animation.

12-02-03, 11:34 AM
Did you play MW4:Mercs ?
did you try the Mech paks ?
do you have MW3 ? MW2 ? MW2:Mercs ?

if you dont have them & you like mech games as i do .. GET THEM!

12-02-03, 11:51 AM
Yes i've tried mercs (HATED it), and the black knight demo (can never find the full version.) What are the mech packs?

Graduated from 2 and 3 to 4, so no need to go back right now. Maybe when i'm feeling a little nestolgic.

12-02-03, 11:56 AM
The mech paks adds new 4 mech for IS & Clan each . along with some new weapons already in MW4:Mercs.

if you'r intersted on Mech games .. MW is the only good mech game you can find . i'm not sure if you can play the old MWs on XP though.

12-02-03, 02:22 PM

This is my point! I love mech games, why hasn't this genre come around! There are tons of mech fanatics out there.

I'm not only talking about straight up mech games either, why not (in say, Doom ]l[ ) have your character get in a small mech suit and kick some ass robo style (ala that aliens movie) That would be awsome.

I seriously hope there is a mech fad coming soon. :(

12-02-03, 02:26 PM
What is Steel Battalion like? Always been meaning to play that.

12-02-03, 02:40 PM
isn't that only for x-box though?

EDIT: yep it sure is, and even has a special controller.

12-02-03, 02:46 PM
Steel Battalion is pretty amazing. It has it's flaws (standard "your mech is much more powerful then everyone elses" idea, flakky AI, etc.) but it's the most "realistic" mech sim you'll ever find (you know, if you can call something realistic when it's trying to emulate something that doesn't exist). The first time you flip all the toggle switches and watch the controller light up and mech come to life is pretty amazing. Unfortunatly it was single-player only, and while it does offer a decent amount of missions and higher difficulty levels (which actually change the game mechanics a bit to make it more challenging), it does end a bit too quick. The upcoming SB:Line of Contact game should extend the use of the controller considerably though, since it will have online multi-player.

If you're a mech sim, do yourself a favor and try to check it out at least once. It's not for everyone, but it definatly offers an experience few other mech games can offer. Though one thing just occured to me...since you can get an Xbox-to-USB controller adaptor...would it be possible for users to make the controller work on the PC? It would be really cool if they could figure out a way to do that, being able to use the SB controller for a game like Mechwarrior would be cool (even if the game wouldn't use half of the buttons on the controller).

BTW, did anyone else like MW3 much better then MW4? MW4 seemed less simulator-like and more arcade-like, and I didn't like the way the mechs moved so much faster like they were just really big humans or something.

12-02-03, 03:28 PM
Ever since Mech 2 Mercs, the games have gone downhill. Mech 3 was still pretty cool but Mech 4 was just tacky.

poursoul, have you tried Heavy Gear or Heavy Gear 2? Basically mech clones but faster gameplay.

Shogo is also worth mentioning.

12-02-03, 05:18 PM
no i haven't tried any of those THANX! :D


12-02-03, 05:37 PM
Wasn't there a competitor to the MW series made by Dynamix (Starsiege maybe or am I thinking about the Heavy Gear series someone mentioned already)? Basically, I thought the company making the MW game ended up losing the license or something and so the company left out started their own series to compete with MW but it didn't last long (maybe ended around the MW3 timeframe).

Although a little more arcade'ish, Slave Zero was fun and the sense of scale was great. I use to enjoy just stomping on the road causing a shockwave that would cause the cars to crash and people to start running for their lives. :) I'm pretty sure I had to use the compatability mode to get it work under XP though (it's an older game in case you haven't heard of it).

BTW, did anyone else like MW3 much better

I liked MW3 the best although I still have fond memories of MW2 since it was one of the first g-accelerated games that I played and the difference was so dramatic.

12-02-03, 07:05 PM
"I liked MW3 the best"

IMHO Mechwarrior 3 was the best Mech game as far as actually feeling like a pilot. It was way more immersive a piloting experience than any other mech game to date. Frankly, Mech 4 was way too quakey for me. Here is to hoping that if a Mechwarrior 5 ever arrives, that whoever does it, puts the SIM back into Mechwarrior.

The only thing SIM so far, has been the words on the box.

12-02-03, 07:13 PM
Yes, the MechWarrior games competition from Dynamix, and later Sierra was the MetalTech series (Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2, Starsiege, Cyberstorm 1 & 2 if 2 ever made it out can't remember). Anyway, the newest for the MetalTech series is going to be StarSiege 2845 (www.starsiege2845.com) which builds on after the defeat of Prometheus on Pluto. Starsiege: 2845 is actually going to be a total conversion mod for Tribes: Vengeance, but it will have full support from Sierra. So, all is good there.

As for good Steel Battalion. If you check the site, and anywhere else you will see that Steel Battalion was discontinued. The only palce you can find it now is on E-bay pretty much, and to play Steel Battalion: Line of Contact you will have to be an owner of the original game, as their will be no new controllers made for the upcoming release. Capcom only intends to produce enough units of the Line of Contact to match the number of original titles for the X-Box that were shipped. Which, indeed was not many. So, grab it while you can if you intend to play this game.

Finally, MechWarrior 4. Get the Mercs expansion, the mech packs, and get the Mek Tek Mek Pak from www.mektek.com and this will add some new flavor into your game playing. Other than those, I know of no other 'Mech simulation games (if you even count MechAssault for the X-Box). So, that's the round up right there.

12-02-03, 07:16 PM
Ahh yeah, I remember the Starsiege/Earthsiege games. Didn't really play them much, though...in fact I can't even remember if I played them at all or if I just saw footage of them.

And I'm pretty sure that the company that was making the Mechwarrior games (edit-just checked the box of my MW2 Saturn game, was it Activision who made them?) lost the lisense from FASA around Mechwarrior 4, so after that a different company made the games (or it was made by FASA themselves). Then MS bought up FASA and are using some of thier lisences for games (Crimson Skies, Mechwarrior, etc.).

I never really got into the MW2/Heavy Gear type of games, to arcade-like for me. Slave Zero was ok for a generic action game, but a mech sim it most certainly was not. I really liked Mechwarrior 3 and Steel Battalion though, those are my kinda games. Actually I wish they were even MORE sim-like, at times it still seemed like you were more of a big human rather then a gigantic machine.

Also it sounds like Capcom may produce more controllers for the release of SB:LOC. So if you missed out on the first one, you *might* have a chance to pick it up again for a reasonable price. But check into Gamestop or EB every once in a while, I've actually seen it used a few times in the last couple months (and if you buy a $10 magazine subscription when you buy the game used, you save $18 on it. Not a bad deal, eh?). Oh, and yeah, Cyberstorm 2 did come out, I have a rip of it on my computer and I did see it in stores a long time ago. I always wanted to get it, but I was waiting for the price to drop to $5...I guess it never did because I still don't have the game. But the first one was pretty fun for a turn-based game (which I got in some bundle pack of Sierra games).

12-03-03, 08:11 PM
sorry to say, but all of the mech warrior games were piss poor from my point of view. if you want a game full of action and so forth, whip out your ps2, grab armored core 2 and 3, as well as robotech: battlecry. those games will keep you occupied forever. best mech games i've ever played. oh and it helps if you used to watch robotech or the macross series when you were a kid, if if you still do.

12-04-03, 12:12 PM
Originally posted by nVidi0t
Ever since Mech 2 Mercs, the games have gone downhill. Mech 3 was still pretty cool but Mech 4 was just tacky.

poursoul, have you tried Heavy Gear or Heavy Gear 2? Basically mech clones but faster gameplay.

Shogo is also worth mentioning.
I'd skip Heavy Gear and go straight to Heavy Gear II. The first one was OK, but the second one just blew it out of the water. Never tried Shogo, might have to look into it...