View Full Version : rule of thumb for which driver to use?

12-02-03, 08:43 PM
i'm wondering why the official nvidia website (www.nvidia.com) seems to lag so far behind what you guys are using in terms of latest driver released. currently the latest driver on the website is 52.16 and it's the one i'm currently using. i'm having a HUGE problem with Call of Duty and am wondering if it's a driver issue or not. alienware tech support recommended that i use the 44.67 driver as they said it was less buggy. what would you guys recommend? going back to 44.67 or moving up to something newer than 52.16? if so, where would i obtain something newer than what is on www.nvidia.com? please review the attached picture of what my screen looks like when it vomits during play of Call of Duty.

12-02-03, 09:16 PM
www.guru3d.com has a pretty extensive driver archive and so does www.*********.com

If you need older and newer drivers, your best bet is to look at either of those sites.

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