View Full Version : Atlantis (mod for UT2k3) NEEDS you!!

12-03-03, 07:58 AM
Hey people,

We're looking for new enthousiastic, talented people to join our team!

site: http://atlantis.jolt.co.uk

We're looking for a coder, level designers and modellers. The following skills would really help:

Coders :
- Already experienced coders with proven skills.
- Ability to work close to other coders and adapt to the work already done.
- Proven experience in network replication is a must have. We don't need people breaking our netcode nor doing non-netcompatible codeS.
- Proven experience in either GUI coding, Vehicle coding or Gameplay coding.

Level Designers :
- Proven experience in level designing on Ut2003 engine.
- Perfect knowledge of Unrealed tools.
- Ability to work with original content (custom meshes, textures and sounds).
- Ability to create original meshes or textures is a BIG plus. (see modellers section)
- Deep artistic sense and deep knowledge of gameplay.
- Able to create either very realistic worlds or alien environments.
- Ability to work close to designers and adapt to the own design of the project.

Modelers :
- Proven experience using either 3ds Max 4/5 or Maya
- Ability to create low poly and mid poly models
- Ability to work on very versatile subjects like world objects or first person items.
- Ability to work close to designers and use of sketchs.
- Clean modelling (hidden faces removed, effective welding, good optimisation, clean vertex manipulation, etc..) is a MUST have.
- Ability to create correct uv maps or texturing is a MUST have.

Soooooo, if you think you're up for one of the positions, and think you can stay with us for a while? Then reply to this post or mail to newjackoneill@wanadoo.fr or Davy.Maekelberg@pandora.be