View Full Version : Why no cheats for Mafia?

12-03-03, 10:33 PM
NOT looking to discuss the issue of whether cheating is good/bad, right/wrong, for you/not for you - I'm simply wondering why MOST pc games (including the recently released Call of Duty, Max Payne 2, and XIII) DO in fact have cheat codes (god mode, inf. ammo, etc), for whatever the reason, but Mafia has none whatsoever.

(Also, it's a pretty tough freaking game - i've been stuck on the last level for months- distracted by other games, ofcourse)

12-03-03, 10:42 PM
There are trainers out for the game that let you have that and more but I could only get them to work on the original game none worked on the patched version at the time. Do a google search for mafia trainers.
Check gamefaq.com for walkthroughs and possible built in cheats.

12-04-03, 01:35 AM
Thanks for the info on "trainers" - i've never heard of them before now. I found one that works for Mafia v1.1 created by "slippery jim" but it doesn't have inf health. I cannot find a single other trainer for v1.1 - all others seem to be for 1.0. I guess i'll have to just reinstall 1.0 so i can finally beat this awesome (but hard) game.


12-04-03, 04:10 AM
The issue of cheating in singleplayer games probably bothers nobody, its only when people cheat in multiplayer games.

12-04-03, 05:08 AM
i'm willing to bet the developers wanted you to play their game, not walkthrough it and misjudge it. Hence no cheats

12-04-03, 10:18 AM
wanted you to play their game, not walkthrough it
Ala the original Hitman. Mafia has a even more console style save system that GTAIII. The game only saves a predetermined points and between missions. And when your down to 1 shot will kill you or no ammo half way through you have to restart the entire level over. The game is so unforgiving if you dont follow the exact patch specified by the designers that exploration just leads to failure. I for one WILL not replay the same level over and over and over and over just because of a ****ty save system and lousy controls. All leaving cheats out of single player does is some return the game or resell it. If they make a MAFIA2 it will recive a "meh" from me unless thay clean up game play.

Overall I found mafia story line interesting but it is set on rails and has no replayability IMO. Hell you have to complete the entire storyline before your allowed to take the mission not from other characters but from the same guy on different corners. The free ride campign is a completely seperate from the main game and felt slapped on to compete with GTA.

12-07-03, 12:40 AM
Mafia is perfect for me. I have 130~ games and Mafia is one of the few that i finished without cheating at all.

Great game.