View Full Version : Question about pink lines on screen....

12-04-03, 03:55 PM
Within the last month or so I occassionally get pink lines on screen where ever I have text, This occurs both in the start menu, other menu's, and also in IE. They are horizontal pink lines that are see through. Sometimes they are worse than others. Not too bad yet tho, as they do not occur all the time. I do not notice them in 3D games or anything. Also, sometimes clicking my mouse will either start or stop, or lessen or increase the pink lines. My mouse is Intellipoint Explorer 3.0.

I am wondering what could be causing this? I am thinking my video card, as I have had it extremely overclocked for 2 years (Past Ti500 speeds). I am hoping its not my monitor. I dont seem to have any other problems. Maybe my monitor cable? Not sure if they go bad. Computer sits on desk near monitor and I degauss regularly.

Anyway, any ideas please post. I am replacing GF3 soon and dont want to replace monitor but will if I have to. Thanks for help.

Oh, I lowered video card settings a little (around 230c, 500m). Lines still come and go occassionally.

12-04-03, 04:08 PM
It sounds like a problem with your system memory. Have you overclocked it hard or ran it with more aggressive timings than it's rated for? I had, what seem like, the same identical problem before. Swapping out monitors and video cards did nothing. Swapping out the memory fixed the issue. The problem I had involved very small pink/white lines flashing only where I had text. Never a problem in a 3D app.

12-04-03, 06:44 PM
I ran memtest not long ago and it didnt come up with any errors. I think I only ran it once tho. Sounds like you had exact problem as me. Wonder why system memory would do this?

I'll run memtest again and see what happens. Thanks very much for the info :)