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12-05-03, 07:28 PM
I have an athlon 3000xp 400fsb, 512megs of ram and ti4600 128 4xagp. I have 200 beans to upgrade my video card. My choices now are the ati 9600xt, 5700 ultra and the fx5900 (non ultra). What are the pros and cons and what would you chose? thanks

12-05-03, 07:44 PM
If you live near a Circuit City, get your butt down there before tomorrow and pick up a Radeon 9800 non-pro for $200 (plus tax of course).

If that's not an option, the 5900 non-ultra would be the best choice of the cards you've listed.

12-05-03, 07:47 PM
would the radeon 9800 be better than the 5900......theres been so many damn nvidia cards released lately i cant keep up

12-05-03, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by stevedabomb
would the radeon 9800 be better than the 5900..

I think so. I've owned both and have had less trouble with my games on the 9800 than on the 5900. Others' opinions will differ from mine, though. Fortunately, with Circuit City, you can buy the card, try it for a couple weeks and if you don't like it they will take it back no questions asked.

12-05-03, 07:52 PM
Well im lucky enough to be a technician at a computer repair shop and can basically get them and return them if i dont like them. Right now i have the ti4600 and i score 1900 on 3dmark 2003 and all my co workers bought 5700 ultras and scorew around 3400. Im the performance leader there and i need to show them up but there is no way in hell im spending another 400 on a video card like i did with the ti.

12-05-03, 08:06 PM
Then the 9800np is the answer.. it will get you a score in the 5000's for sure..:D

12-06-03, 09:14 AM
Well with the Radeon 9800NP you should score around 5200pts defualt overclocked and it should be over 6000pts, don't belive me check out my score in my sig :)