View Full Version : Det 53.03 - Excuse My Ignorance

12-11-03, 04:10 PM
Hi there
I notice on the release notes for these drivers it says "Increased graphics performance when using nForce3 systems".

Does that mean these drivers are for use on all systems and that previoulsy nForce3 system users were getting crappy performance ??

I am running an Albatron FX5900PV on a Asus P4S8X motherboard with Windows XP Pro (SP1).
Will these new drivers work for me ???

Many thanks and appreciate your patience in answering my questions


12-11-03, 04:19 PM
From all reports these new drivers should work just fine for you, the blurb about "increased graphics performance on nForce3 systems" is just some marketing hype...from what I've been hearing about these they've been giving a graphic performance boost on all flavors of systems. :)