View Full Version : 2x 120mm or 5x 80mm fans?

12-14-03, 06:04 AM
Which do you think would be better i currently have an Antec AMG1080AMG with 3x 1800rpm LED fans and 2x 2600rpm, however i wanted a window. So i placed an order for the Antec window after 2 weeks still nothing they are still waiting so i cancelled my order as i grew tired of waiting. However would i be better off with the Antec 1080AMG or a Antec Super Lanboy which can be found for a decent price with window and 2x 120mm fans

Super lanboy


12-14-03, 01:02 PM
I just got a new case that uses 1 120mm in the front for HD cooling instead of the 2 80mm i had before. Let me tell you i am amazed at how much quiter this 120 is and how much more air it pushes compared to 2 80's.

120's are the way to go IMO. I would go with the SuperLanBoy. The AMG is all open in the front and lets to much noise escape

Just for fun, here is the case i just got myself. Only paid 40$ CA for it.




12-14-03, 02:58 PM
Thanx for your reply i was thinking of ordering it then came across a preorder of this bute.


At the moment it's for preorder for 105 case + 23 for window so am thinking of waiting alittle till the case comes with a window as standard like i should of with the AMG i got. Yeah the AMG can be noisy more so if you remove the air filiter as it will be with the P160.

Anyone intrested in a review?

So rather then just get a case now i decided to order an ASUS DVD RW, too many CDR's lying about, at least on a DVD i can backup half of my backup hard drive lol.

12-14-03, 05:42 PM
Nice case, i like the fact it has built in covers for your cd-rom drives so everything blends in. Built in Temp read-out to?? Cool :) Almost makes me regret my purchase :p

DVD Burners seem to be the gift of choice this Christmas :)

12-15-03, 01:10 PM
Yeah ordered the DVDRW but found out the model didn't support DVD+ so i contacted them and they said that they will get it in for me.

12-15-03, 04:51 PM
I am weak....... I couldn't wait any longer so i preordered the P160 and the side window :o Also decided to order 1x 45CM & 1x 60CM Glo blue cables and an 1000rpm 120mm fan. And with my DVDRW i ordered some plasic cable casing to neaten up the inside cables of the case, my current antec is a discrace mind you what do you expect with 5x fans 2 hard drives 2 CDrom drives, a huge RADEON 9800 power cable and fan control for my Volcano 7+ :o I havn't been able to remove the cable from my Radeon (Which cable preinstalled), that things well on there.




Sweet i have never really had a case before with a removeable mobo tray, heck never had a Aluminum case before either :)

Ninja Prime
12-19-03, 10:34 PM
Personally, I'd go with larger, quieter fans. Those 120mm fans will likely push as much or more air than 5 80mm fans too.

12-20-03, 03:27 AM
Yeah it's what i was thinking of as the air is more focused then the several smaller fans.

12-20-03, 07:01 AM
Nice one Dazz, very clean....inside and out :thumbsup: