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12-14-03, 12:38 PM
Hey i need some help. have recently purchased this new graphics card. and now my comp keeps crashing. i can work in windows fine but if a play a game IE CNC Generals the game will play for a bit then freezes. it seems to be worse depending on how high i have the graphics. the more i make the card work for its money the shorter the time it takes before it crashes. i seems to me that maybe the card is overheating or something.

I have just upgraded to this new card from the older FX5600 Ultra which i had no problems with what so ever. and it seems the more powerfull the equipment the less reliable it gets.

heres my PC spec if any one can help me:-

3.00GHZ Pentuim 4 with HT
Abit IC7 Motherboard
1028mb DDR Ram
Onboard Sound (Realtek AC97)
A350 Leadtek

Am getting very annoyed with it now and when i find the recept may even try to get my money back. but i will see if any one has any surgestions first

12-14-03, 12:54 PM
Are you using Nvidia reference drivers or the Leadtek drivers and which version are you using?

12-14-03, 03:48 PM
Well it seem likely your onboard sound caused freeze, did you tried use latest audio driver?

12-14-03, 04:23 PM
have tryed both leadtek and nvidia drivers but makes no odds. have tryed everything that i can think of but nothing helps.

as for sound, it never used to do it before i had this GFX card plus i have the latest drivers.

oh i checked the overheating theory out and when the crash happens the temp is around 50 'C so i don't think its that either

12-14-03, 05:55 PM
Yeah it nothing to do with overheating, my 5900 Ultra temp is 56C, it never freezed or hang before in games. It is possible that freeze is cause by overclocking on either GPU or CPU, check if your card or CPU is overclocked?

Update: I think I found the cause of freeze, it was the motherboard's DRAM ratio and timing caused the system to hang, you will need the latest BIOS 19 (http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/bios.php?categories=1&model=5) to fix it.

12-14-03, 06:11 PM
the GFX is currently clocked at 301 and 851 not sure what it should be though

12-14-03, 06:18 PM
Hmmm that strange, for 2D, core clock speed should be 300Mhz and 850Mhz for memory. On 3D, core clock speed should be 450Mhz and 850Mhz for memory. Your 2D is overclocked by 1Mhz for core and memory speed. I checked mine, both core and memory speed is correct 300/850 for 2D and 450/850 for 3D.

12-15-03, 02:20 AM
Nah its fine.. 2D is supposed to be 351 and 850. 3d overclocks to 450/850.

Leave the card as it is..and enjoy. Its a great card. I have the exact.


12-15-03, 02:37 PM
hmm stranghe enough but i upgraded my power supply to a 550 Watt supply and and attached a heavy duty cooling fan to the comp case and now its all working fine. cheers guys, looks like on my system 400 ent enough :)

Card Very nice by the way