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12-14-03, 11:00 PM
ok guy's i need some help: i am getting this "HIPRO DIGITAL THEMALMONITOR" http://2cooltek.safeshopper.com/62/416.htm?651 and need to know where is the best place on the hard drive for the thermal sensor? the top of hard drive or the bottom side of hard drive? also when placing the thermal sensor on/near the cpu/hsf what is best recommended for placement of sensor? is it a good or bad idea to place the sensor inbetween the hsf fins closeest to the base of motherboard? i need some recommendations on this and any help or feedback is appreciatted.

12-14-03, 11:14 PM
the bottom of the hd is most efficient measure of heat, near the center ( you know that little metal piece;) )

as for the hsf... i usually just stick it in the fins nearest to the center of the cpu

The Baron
12-15-03, 09:23 AM
... people worry about hard drive temperatures?

then again, watercooling a hard drive would be ridiculously stupid (and cool. maybe you could OVERCLOCK IT! :D )