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12-15-03, 02:23 AM
Hi guys.....Just installed an Albatron FX5900PV and am running it on a P4 2.8ghz with 1gig DDRSDRAM and XP Pro.

Just 2 questions please:

a) Any opinions on which drivers to use with my system 45.23, 52.16 or 53.03 ??

b) I notice that this card comes with a Temperature Settings.
As I haven't changed anything on this tab then I assume the following settings are default:
Core Slowdown Threshold: 140c
GPU Core Temp: 41c
Ambient Temp: 35c
I guess these last 2 change as yu play games and the load increases on the graphics adapter.
What Threshold should I be using or is the 140c ok ?? Seems a bit high to me. Apart from the 2 fans on the card and 2 other cas efans front and rear, I also have a fan blowing in the the side of the case ( Antec) .
Any other things I should be aware of with this card, Previously I was using a GF4 ti4600

Mnay thks


12-15-03, 05:59 AM
The card is fine at that temp, like me you have a fan blowing in air and that also reduces the card from spining up to keep itself cool.

53.03's seem to be the best I've tested so far

The Baron
12-15-03, 08:59 AM
53.03 are the best for games. Just don't run 3DMark03.

12-15-03, 10:19 AM
You can't change the threshold. Its preset.

12-15-03, 02:15 PM
Thanks very much for your responses guys, appreciate it


12-15-03, 03:19 PM
Hi guys ....sorry to be a pain, but a couple more questions plse.

When I was running the Det 45.23's with my FX5900nu I noticed the Core Temp was 41c and the ambient was 35c....this was at "idle".
After intalling the 53.03's I notice the "idle" Core is now 48 and the ambient 35c, but after playing a game for a few mins the Core rises to 53 and the ambient to 39.
Is this acceptable and what maximum Core/ambient temps should I be watching for after playing games for a while, that I sould stop to avoid danger to my card. The card is not overclocked, running at default speeds.

cheers and thanks again

The Baron
12-15-03, 03:26 PM
flicker fix. temp increase is normal. don't worry about damaging the card--I would worry if it hits 90C.