View Full Version : RDRAM question

09-26-02, 01:15 AM
If I have all banks full of RDRAM, and I want to upgrade my ram, do I still need to buy 2 identical sticks of RDRAM? Or, can I buy one stick, say 256MB or 512MB?

I've been told and I've read that you have to buy 2 and install them together. A buddy of mine says that it doesn't matter what size any of the sticks are as long as the same slots on each side are filled.

Since I have all 4 slots filled with 64MB RDRAM sticks, can I remove one and replace it with a 256MB stick of RDRAM?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

09-26-02, 03:37 AM
two identical sticks are needed, unless you use 32bit RDRAM. with your normal run of the mill RDRAM you need to install in pairs, just like you did with SIMMs in the old days